Woebegone but Hopeful

Wherever you are Roger and Shiela know that I miss you!!! Hope you both are doing well. Liz

Devo 6.8.20

The God you serve does not just get you by… He is the God who gives more than enough! How can you help your brother if you only have enough for yourself? Today, don’t settle for just having “enough.” You serve the God whose sustenance never runs out. He wants you to have more than enough!
Prayer: Father, I know You are a covenant-keeping God. You are more than enough! I don’t want to just “get by” anymore. I want to overflow. I want to thrive. I know that’s what You want for my life too. So, God, thank You in advance for bringing me into overflow. I know that nothing is impossible for You! In Jesus’ name, amen!

Elvis Presley – You Gave Me A Mountain (Aloha From Hawaii, Live in Honolulu, 1973)

ELVIS – I Just Can’t Help Believing

ELVIS – Bridge Over Troubled Water

What’s your talent?

Rusty ramblings of me


And resolve

The unseen


We all grow old

Or so I’m told

Life’s a palace

Filled with malice

Untold truths, struggle and strife

Who then holds the knife

In riches gold

The life you hold

Your mind!

Turned unkind


We procreate

Social media is a tool

You fool

The more we undulate

With a ferocious rate

We’re driven to insanity

Such a calamity

We’re born of love

And when push comes to shove

We spin the wheels of “for instance”


Facts don’t f*** feelings

Drenched in unkind dealings

Only you have the power

To bud like a flower

Take and drink life to the fullest

Because only the cruelest

Want you to perish

Instead flourish

Release some momentary lapse of laughters

Raise them to the rafters

As I write

On a mind flight

Why one lets go

We never know

An enormity of hell

Prayer could dispel

By: Liz Wriston

Elvis Best Gospel

I Really Don’t Want To Know..Elvis

Breaking “Australia Hundreds Birds Fall Dead Suddenly”