Acorn PLEASE!!!

Thomas Jefferson Gets Canceled | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 564

Rioters tear down a statue of Thomas Jefferson, a Democratic senator blames America for inventing slavery, and Michael sits down with the WH Chief of Staff.

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Deron Slater to anti-Trump agitator: “You’re not going to make me shut up, brother.”

The Day I stopped being “BLACK”. WARNING: This video may offend some people. Listen til the end!

An Honest History of Black People and the Democrat Party

Only one party in America has a history of embracing slavery and institutional racism. The Democrat party.



Denzel Washington is a Smart Man. It’s not color, it’s culture.

06.22.20 Devo

In the body of Christ, when one person goes through pain, we should all be right there with them! No one wants to be alone when they’re in pain—and they are not meant to be! Today, move towards someone else’s suffering and be a conduit of healing. When one person goes through something, we go through it with them!
Prayer: Father, I want to be a conduit of healing. Where my brother or sister is suffering I want to rush in and be there for them. Use me, Lord. I want to help those who are going through pain. I don’t want them to be alone in this. In Jesus’ name, amen!

Matthew 6:14-15


Ooooops I forgot you’re perfect and that someone who messes up in the most egregious doesn’t deserve forgiveness. Instead they deserve slander, hate, malice, shame, etc… I forgot you’re in charge of it not Jesus. You do your enemy however you see fit. Just remember in the end Jesus gotcha. He’s watching and taking notes, not Santa Clause but Jesus is watching. So go on with your bad self and hang on to that fresh vile hate that is festering inside of you.

Forgiveness truly sets you free. That’s a real lesson learned in life.

Justice and peace come from Jesus.