Elvis Presley – Amazing Grace

Elvis Presley – Where No One Stands Alone

Elvis Presley – * When God Calls Me Home *

Semore Views – Why I Still Support Trump

WAKE UP ALREADY PEOPLE !!!!!!! This mans name is “Semore_views”, you can find him on instagram and youtube

Ben Shapiro Explains Why Conservatives Criticize the Black Lives Matter Movement

A caller asked Ben Shapiro to give his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement. He explains why many conservatives are critical of the movement.

Masks & The Moral Matrix

Ever wonder why your friend’s posts make you violently angry? Now is the time to check your moral matrix. Here’s how we can transcend our programming.

You can’t get out of Hell

Can’t God give people a second chance? Isn’t it unfair of God to punish finite crimes for eternity? I answer those questions and point out that no one will be treated unfairly. 

About Matthew 24

I address the meaning of Jesus’ words in Matthew 24.

Racism is and forever will be STUPID

5 Reasons to Not be bothered by racism