Anya Abraham

I work late at nights. I’ve turned our house into my office and more often than not, you will find files and papers spilling over half opened briefcases.

It’s not a pretty sight but I run a business; not the kind that it puts me in the 0.3% of the population that brings in big money but, I have something of my own.

That’s besides the point but I added that in to give you a little insight of how ‘home’ looked and felt like.

She occupies 1/100th of the space around home. It’s always a corner. Some corner. If I’m lucky, I might find her in the periphery of my vision but usually, I’m not.

However, today I am.

She’s seated on the big grandpa chair basking in the afternoon sun with her glasses -when did she start wearing glasses?- perched on the bridge of her nose, a thick…

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