A Jeanne in the Kitchen

Believe it or not, we are doing A LOT of walking and hiking all around on our sight seeing tours through Spain.  We always do our best to get a lot of exercise on our trips, and this trip is no different, although to you it may seem like all we do is eat.  We are probably walking/hiking about 5-7 miles per day, on average.  And because the temperatures are so hot, we are also sweating a lot as well.  All of this works up an appetite, and hopefully at least will keep us ‘”neutrally “buoyant” to use a diving term, so we do not gain to much weight on this trip.  We actually tend to lose a little weight on our vacations because we are always so active, which is definitely a good thing.  I have A LOT of weight to lose.

We were only in Cartagena for 1…

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