Sex and Swinging With Vixen and Ragnar

Hello!!  I’m Vixen and along with my husband, Ragnar, we’ll be your tour guides through the wonderful world of sex, swinging, kinks, porn, toys, and any other dirty little thing that tickles our fancy for the moment. We’re a married couple with Ragnar in his early thirties and I’m enjoying the end of my twenties. No, those aren’t our real names (it’d be pretty sweet if they were) and no, you don’t get to know the real ones.  We’re a Midwestern couple and in our area, you can’t even say the word sex without causing someone to cross themselves and get the holy water.

I know what you’re probably thinking… “What makes your sex lives and opinions so unique that you need a blog?”  So glad you asked!  Well readers, we’re going to fill you in on a dirty little secret.  We are swingers.

Shocking, right?  Along with being swingers…

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