The Jaws Trilogy — Charles Silver

As a kid one of the first films I fell in love with was ‘Jaws 2’. Having not seen the original I didn’t have a good bar for what the movie was. It was amazing on it’s own as a thriller and drama, but now I have constant daydreams of what it could have been. […]

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Shh. Don’t talk about it. — Reaching Higher

“Just stop worrying about it.” “Stop being so dramatic.” “Cheer up!” “Why are you choosing to be in a bad mood?” “Just do it. Everyone gets nervous!” If you’re like me, you’ve heard these phrases all your life, eventually believing that you were just a worrywart, a chicken little–always crying “the sky is falling.” You accepted […]

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This Can’t Be Real — The Depressed Athlete

I had a conversation today with a student who had lost a loved one. We took some time because they wanted to talk through the situation; try and make sense of it. The phrases repeated over and over were, “I don’t understand. Why would he choose this? This can’t be real.” I wish I could […]

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Michael’s Mary Jane

Michael you have

You can feel


I love


Adults dwell


Fights are the last thing I want


Really bitch