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Example of what not to do.




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Being A Man

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Will You Survive A Horror Movie? http://ift.tt/1TtEBI9

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The Eye Roll (Guest Post by ShortNSassy) — breathwords

A cool breeze passes though the yard as we all stand around talking. The sun is out but not so hot that I feel like I’ll be sunburnt in 15 minutes. Instead my spring dress dances a bit around my calves and I enjoy the second of the two drinks that were made for me […]

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Tethered — loveletterstoaghost

I miss missing you. I’m so wrapped up in being his, I can’t remember how to be human, how to be me. I am three now, instead of two, and my walls are rising as fast as they fall. And I miss missing you. I miss thinking of your smile, your gentle words and strong […]

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You and I — missameliaandsir

I need I want I desire To love To provide To submit I think I feel I wonder if You know You pulsing through my veins You feel it too I say I hear I taste Your name Your heartbeat Your consuming desire I give I take I share My surrender Your command My soul

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