6 thoughts on “When you have children

  1. As the single mother of a 33 year old daughter, it was heavenly hell…or hellish heaven lol! You love your kids so much but there are those moments when you could willingly run away from home. The Terrible Two’s makes you grow bald from pulling out your hair, then you forge (or at least hopefully) a real connection between this blossoming bud you created for a few years. Then The Teenage Years occur and you go bald again. I once told my daughter Tara that an amazing phenomenon would occur when she turned 13 or 14 in that I would suddenly become stupider and clueless the older she got. But fear not, that sometime when she was 20-25, my brain cells would miraculously regenerate and I would soon grow smart and wise again. She scoffed then but she now laughs about it. And now she has 3 girls and now I laugh and I laugh. Grandkids really are a parent’s sweet revenge 😀

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