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May your day be beautiful, fun and awesome

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The Sting – Journal Entry #5 — Lockes and Chains (18+)

After months of not talking, the line of communication was opened with her once more, and hasn’t stopped yet. One of the latest exchanges of emails with her, not only got me obviously aroused, it also brought another resurgence of memories on. In the email she was talking about how I would “take every part […]

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Endless story — kristina gallo – Broken rules

Some situations in life stay unsolved forever. Unfinished college, unhappy love relation, betrayal in friendship. Stories marked with words “to be continued” or “stay awake” are the most dangerous, because fake hope will fly over us, as star dust, without real value. Things we always wanted and could not get, person who stuck in […]

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Yes sir can I have another?


Johnny’s Auto Repair Eloy, AZ



My neighbor Brittany took me here and it was the best place I’ve ever been to.  I’m so thankful to her for giving me a hand in getting my car here.  

Lemi Shine

I have used many washing machine cleaners in the past.  Tide, Affresh, etc…  

Lemi Shine is the best hands down I have ever used!  

The neighborhood I live in has the worst water ever and this was a godsend when I used it.  I wish I would have tried it sooner.  In my opinion you have nothing to lose but the muck in the washer.  




Exede Internet

My internet install with Exede isn’t even 24 hours old.  I can’t connect to my internet at all.  I called them yesterday and spoke to them today as well.  I’ve used my mobile hotspot all day today and yesterday since I have not been able to use the new service.  I just wanted to forewarn people before you jump into Exede’s internet service these are some things you might have to deal with.  

On a positive note the installers were extremely professional and a pleasure to have install the equipment in our home.

My conversation with my specialist today.  I couldn’t believe I was told that I may owe money if there is something wrong with the equipment.  Not even 24 hours old on the install and they are already trying to take me for a ride.


Fermin N: Thank you for contacting ViaSat Customer Care. I will be more than happy to help you with your request. Please allow me a moment to review your account information.

Fermin N: Hello Elizabeth

Me: Hi I wanted to make sure that my plan has been bumped down to the lowest one possible. Is the 49.99 one the lowest plan?

Me: I haven’t been able to connect through this internet at all since it’s been installed I have been online with Exede a couple times.

Me: Just not working.

Fermin N: I see I am sorry for the f=trouble you are having with it

Me: I am going to talk to my prior internet company about trying to get them back.Me: In full swing

Me: I thought satelite would have a good signal but it doesn’t seem like it

Fermin N: I am very sorry to hear that you are looking into disconnecting your account, We need to provide you with some important disclosures about the service and we do need to complete this over the phone.I would be happy to offer a call back now or you can call our Customer Care team at 1-855-463-9333 at your convenience. Any of our agents will gladly help you over the phone. unfortunately we are unable to disconnect your account over chat or email.

Me: They put the dish behind my basket ball hoop and I’m not sure if that could be a reason that I’m not getting signal

Me: I’ll call at a later point. The lady last night was supposed to have someone come out and troubleshoot the service for me.

Me: I’ve not even been installed 24 hours.

Fermin N: I was just looking into that for you

Me: I’ve tried connecting this morning so many times and can’t get online at all

Fermin N: so yes we do have a service call for you in tere

Fermin N: and yes you are on the lowest plan

Me: I do want to make sure the plan change went through I just downgraded it online

Me: In changes to your account

Me: I’ve used my mobile hotspot since yesterday with AT&T

Fermin N: it did go through

Me: I was told that if my DirectTv worked good that Exeded would to

Me: But I’m not able to connect at all and it’s rather frustrating.

Me: Especially with it being a new service.

Fermin N: I can understand

Me: And I’ve used my mobile hotspot all morning as well

Fermin N: I am looking over your account and I see the chat was ended before we can schedule a service call with you

Fermin N: would you like to schedule a service call?

Me: Oh I didn’t know that I talked to her until we said goodbye

Me: Yes I would like that

Me: Please

Me: Thanks

Fermin N: I can have a tech out there as early as 8am – 11am monday morning

Me: Will I just get notified on my email

Me: Of a service call?

Me: Or will you schedule it

Fermin N: I will schedule it now, is that time slot good for you?

Me: I am pretty open with my schedule

Fermin N: ok I will schedule it now, please allow me 2-3 minutes to get you a confirmation number

Me: Okay thank you

Fermin N: You or someone at least 18 years old authorized to act on your behalf must be present during the service call. 

There is no $95 standard charge for this service call since your service was installed within the last 90 days. There may be additional charges if the ViaSat equipment needs to be replaced or if you request that the technician perform additional services. Please consult your Customer Agreement for additional information.

Me: If there are additional charges I will break my contract and just owe money. I will not refer anyone here either.

Me: I haven’t had service and this is my fault

Me: If there is faulty equipement

Me: Go ahead and set up the call

Me: On Tuesday Airbeam is coming out to move my antenna to a new location

Me: For my old internet

Me: Service

Me: I’m not going to stand for not being able to connect

Me: And this being my fault

Fermin N: ok I have scheduled the service call

Me: I will be here

Fermin N: FSM ID 16224812
External order id ONLINE_ORDER_ENTRY/eSVT_MOD_26492720

Me: For when the service call is set up

Me: I also paid 5.99 a month

Fermin N: Scheduled date 05/23/2016 8am – llam

Me: In case anything happened to this service to have peace of mind

Me: That repairs would be taken care of

Me: That is fine 5.23

Me: At 11

Fermin N: is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Me: That’s it

Me: Thanks

Fermin N: It has been a pleasure assisting you today! Thank you for contacting Exede Internet Customer Care, we appreciate your business. I hope you have a great day! Don’t forget you can always monitor your usage, change data plans and view your billing online at

Me: Thanks have a good day as well

Fermin N: thank you

No fake in him


Seriously how cold can you be?


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