Liebster Award: a conversation starter and major ego boost?

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I was nominated for a Liebster…again!  Wow this is so amazing.

Drop to the bottom of this blog to see if you were nominated by me.  aka Spaginazioni Poetiche

is the beautiful woman who nominated me.

The Liebster logo looks like this:


her questions to me are these:

My questions to nominees (plus Doug’s answers):

  1. What is your view on ‘”intercultural”?

If everyone were intercultural and studied more about each other’s cultures, the world would have a chance of being more peaceful IF, and it’s giant IF, those in control at the top actually gave a hoot about how those regular folks feel. Sadly, there is always an excuse for war, at least in the minds of those representing war profits in their jobs as professional elected officials.  Thus in many governments, but most importantly the big powerful ones (See USA, China, Russia, Japan, and Saudi Arabia first) those…

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Madura Pearls

Madura of Australia green tea “pearls” with jasmine fragrance. Delicious — thanks, Alister. 🙂

Source: Madura Pearls

Want to Share Your Book?

Source: Want to Share Your Book?

Our song

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Eminem Net Worth 2015: How Much Is Slim Shady Worth Right Now

Eminem’s net worth is the result of a true rag to riches story. In fact, it is one of the greatest rags to riches stories in American pop culture. Coming from humble beginnings in Detroit trailer parks, Eminem is now one of the most recognizable entertainers in the world. But is Eminem’s net worth on…

Source: Eminem Net Worth 2015: How Much Is Slim Shady Worth Right Now

Men and Women’s Hearts Age Differently, Study Says

New research finds the hearts of men and women don’t age in the same way, suggesting a possible benefit for gender-based treatments in the future.…

Source: Men and Women’s Hearts Age Differently, Study Says