Days Of Our Lives

My husband always makes fun of me saying that I watch Gays Of Our Lives…

I’ll never stop watching it.  My mommy watched it and the tradition carried on.pizap.com14443454817441

Voices Empowered

Yes I still got it!


My family


Interracial love has come a long way!


New Book Inspired by Truth

The Final Curtain

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New Book Inspired by Truth

Today, October 6, 2015, my thirteenth book went on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions – P/B: — Kindle: The book cover is shown above, but, like some ad I cannot remember reminds us, ‘it’s what’s inside that really counts’. For those who like mystery, suspense, and romance, I’d bet the store you will like this one…

The people who follow my blog will hopefully recognize the title and a previous blog about my frustration when the manuscript was lost in a house move – if you will remember, I wrote Stranger Abduction years ago on a Star-Writer word processor, kept the book’s pages in a box which was eventually lost. The book was to be Book 2 of 7 in my ‘Bailey Crane Mystery Series’. Suffice it to say, there are now six books in that series, all ‘stand-alone’…

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Cooking Experience at Popolo Beirut

Source: Cooking Experience at Popolo Beirut

Unfriended and Murdered