We don’t want the stolen bike back. We’re all for teaching our son life lessons. Obviously, he didn’t obey our rules for making sure to lock up his bike everyday. This shows him how low people can be, stealing from kids. Thank you for bettering our ten year old son, having him see first hand how lazy someone can get, not working for their own. That was his transportation to & from school! The bike was a birthday gift from his nana last year. Yes, you stole his birthday gift from last year; on his birthday! I’ll help you out on the math… That was one year of him having it! Still brand-new… Hope you wreak with no helmet on, bust your teeth and scrape ur face off. 馃檵馃徎 My son earned it with getting awesome grades. Enjoy having something you didn’t work for.

Here’s my comment to this thread:

  • Liz Wriston: I agree with all of it except for: Hope you wreak with no helmet on, bust your teeth and scrape ur face off. That is just so sad to even voice that. Your son and others will read that and that is the example you’re setting for your children. That is just sad. It’s wreck as well. Karma can be a double-edged sword what you wish upon someone can be a boomerang as well.

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Okay, so you can read through this thread and comments. 聽I posted the comment about that not being a good example on a mom’s part because your son can read this at anytime. 聽Once on the internet it is pretty much on the internet forever. 聽People seem to forget that little fact. 聽A parent should set a good example for a child. 聽And wishing ill on another child is just a very low blow in my opinion. 聽

I know all too well about karma. 聽My late husband had a child by another woman. 聽She wrote me a letter that said that she wished my son would feel the pain that her son went through from not having a father in his life. Now karma took a while to kick in but when it did my husband died and her son and my sons will all feel the permanent pain of being fatherless. 聽

So however ill you wish on someone you really need to watch your thoughts and wishes because it could seriously happen in a way that affects more that just the one person you wish ill upon. 聽 Seriously be careful what you wish for.

Material things a bicycle can always be replaced. 聽A life that is something so precious you will never get back. I wouldn’t want to see anyone or anyone’s child harmed wrong or not wrong. 聽Forgiveness now that is key. 聽Being a Christian that takes a lot more from someone than the devil running through your veins. 聽People put on their fake masks and say one thing and then put a twist of wishing harm on someone. 聽Really if you claim any kind of religion then you should really think about what you’re putting out there. 聽Especially when your child can pull up your Facebook page and see anything that you have written. 聽You may think you live in a huge town but someone out there will read that and word will get back to someone and then back to your son or your parents….

People really need to rewind time and look back to the days of wholesome tv shows like Brady Bunch and take some notes on life and how to handle situations in life with grace.

They will remember all these moments


Children like adults remember all the bad. 聽It seems like our memories really tuck away all the bad moments more than the good things. 聽You were too busy working or what have you. 聽You told them to go away when the had a question that mattered to them, wanted to tell you about their day, had a problem that they needed your help with, instead of flipping on them they needed you to teach them how to cope with life, etc… 聽the list goes on and on. 聽Children are smaller than us, but they have real issues and problems and feelings just like we do. 聽You make think that they are petty and don’t matter, but you’re dead wrong they matter. 聽If they can’t rely on mom and dad who can they rely on really? 聽Pray with them, love them, guide them. You won’t have them forever…

People can go overboard easy~


Narcissistic parents breed broken children


No child should be


We can learn a lot from animals….


So fortunate


Yes they are


So pure