Most delicious Meal?

Chef, Character, Cook, Gourmet, Restaurant, Person

What is the most delicious meal
known? What is your favorite food you have ever eaten? Responses range from-
confectionaries, chocolates, baked goods, savories, special curries to
concoctions, recipes of grandma to spices from different parts of the world. I
share anecdotes that reflect what can be and is indelibly delicious and
unforgettable by man and divine alike.

In Bhagavatam a story from times of Lord Rama goes-

There was a young woman named Shabari , a hunter’s daughter. She
wasn’t good looking but her heart was pure gold. The day before her wedding she
saw 1000s of goats and sheep that her father had brought to sacrifice, as it
was a custom among the hunters of that time. She couldn’t bear to see those
animals being killed, so she ran away into the forest in the early morning to
avoid the killing of those animals.


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