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Alyssa Milano Promotes Defunding Police Then Calls Cops On a Kid

Homemade banana ice | Jacques Pépin Cooking At Home | KQED


Elvis Presley – Glory Glory Hallelujah

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I’ll be discussing this video about what really happened in Kenosha

This is the full video. Completely different than mainstream narrative and painful to watch:

Croatian Walnut Torta (Cake)

Over the Holiday weekend, mom, Grandma (or “Baka” in Croatian) and I got together to start baking our Croatian Christmas Cookies! My Baka was telling me about a cake recipe that she wanted to try with me that she got from our Teta (Aunt) Milka. Baka mentioned that Teta Milka often bakes this recipe for Christmas, and once she mentioned it’s made with 12 eggs, I was like “WHAT?!, I’m intrigued”. The next day after we finished our first round of cookie baking, we started baking this cake together. It’s not often that I get the opportunity to bake something new with my Grandma, and I really, really enjoyed this time together learning something new from her.

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Alyssa Milano CALLS POLICE For Help, After Demanding DEFUND POLICE | Total Hollywood Hypocrisy!