Rupa remembers the life and times of her Pa, on his 87thbirthday. A soulful tribute of a daughter, exclusively on Different Truths

Rumours go that you desired to marry a far off niece of the lady that married your uncle. But you went along with parents’ wishes for all kinds of sentimental reasons. Story also goes that grandma impressed upon you that astrological planetary positions would cause death of your brother, if you married this girl? So, you gave in?

Well, true or not, it adds colour to your life for sure. You were an irrepressible flirt all through your life makes it lively to a point.

As per the lore, Grandpa was quite the ladies’ man with his booming voice and personality, he was an English tutor with good command over the language got attention of many a young lass.

Well, you married my sheltered mother, who…

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