Here’s what happens when you “Shelter at Home” for too long…

FINALLY an Easter tradition that reminds my kids about JESUS!

FINALLY an Easter tradition that reminds my kids about JESUS! You get to follow this cute little shepherd and his donkey friend on a quest to find his lost sheep! Along the way, the shepherd shares the story of Jesus’ journey to the cross! The quest starts on April 1st though and they take about a week to ship. Each card has a devotion on one side and a scripture passage on the other! I love that my kids get EXCITED about seeking Jesus!

You can find them here:

#TheShepherdsTreasure #SpotTheShepherd



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COVID-19 deaths

On March 16th, Clark County reported the first and second deaths of a married couple from COVID-19. They were my parents Merle and Dee Tofte and they died within hours of one another. I am in quarantine until March 26th. I can’t be with my loved ones. I can’t comfort my children whom have lost their grandparents. I can’t hold a service for my parents or attend their burial. Funeral homes are closed. It is believed they contracted COVID-19 through community spread. I wanted time and privacy to grieve but if their story can save a life, it needs to be told. Please share this. I love you Mom and Dad. 💔

#stayhomeifyoucan #followCDCguidelines #doitforMerleandDee

Posted by: Michelle Nusom Taylor

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