What Love Looks Like movie review

Get that popcorn, soda and your soulmate and settle right in for an amazing date night movie. No matter your love situation this is a romantic comedy that’s sure to float your boat.

This movie is nothing short of magnificent. Within the first two minutes of watching the movie it was heart warming and brought an immediate smile to my face. I loved the music and found the movie to be inviting and magical. When you’re hooked in the first couple minutes of a movie that’s a win win in my book. I didn’t want to take any kind of break while I watched the movie it just sucked me in and I was intrigued from start to finish.

You buckle up for a journey in the lives of five couples and their stories. The issues portrayed are real life issues that I think everyone deals with at some point in their love lives. Phones over love, communication over non communicato, one night stands, love at first sight, the awkwardness of approaching someone and getting over those jitters to actually go on a first date, ice breakers from icy relationships, the feeling of being taken for granted, the use of dating apps, epic fails to major comebacks, the excitement and mystery of blind dates, the art of practicing pick up lines then finally using them on a woman, ultimatums, the death of a spouse and the fear of moving on, pay attention to me will you, make me a sandwich, etc…

The characters in this movie are so well done. None of them are interconnected and they all have their own unique stories and the movie works so well from start to finish. I can really relate to the characters and their roles they are very personable. I also think that the characters have depth and are very into the roles they are playing.

The music in this movie is lovely. I personally think it’s an amazing soundtrack.

I could go on and on about how well put together these stories and couples are but I suggest that you go ahead and find out for yourself. You’re able to stream this on Amazon Prime Video and I wouldn’t wait, just click and commit to the movie date.

Alex MagaƱa is the author, director and producer of this movie and I would highly recommend this movie he has true talent in this line of work. This is definitely his forte. I look forward to seeing more films by Alex.

I thought it was gross

Ummm guilty

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