Exodus 16 : 4-28

Sharing:: Exodus 16:4-28 This reminds me of the scriptures where it speaks about how God told the Israelite’s, through Moses, to only gather enough for the day and not to save for the next day. They didn’t listen and they gathered selfishly thinking they gotta make sure they get theirs and saved it for the next day, when they did that, their food rotted! What God wanted them to learn was to trust Him, to believe that if He said He would provide, He will! They showed their lack of Faith and Trust in God and How they thought they could provide better for themselves!… Lord help us during these troubled times, bring order to our society and don’t let Fear, Ignorance, and Selfishness be so widespread that it causes us our own destruction. Let Our FAITH in your promise be bigger than our FEAR In Jesus name I pray !!AMEN!!!

Posted by: Griselda Villalobos Silva