Election Film Review: The Tables Have Turned, Bueller


Yes, I’m reviewing a film that came out 16 years ago. No, I don’t care.

First things first –  casting Matthew Broderick as the hapless teacher was nothing short of genius. I know this was intentional, but to me this is the adult version of Ferris Bueller, finally getting what he deserves. As much as I love Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (it’s probably in my top 5 of movies I want to watch when I’m unwell), it’s hard to argue that Ferris isn’t a colossal d*ck all the way through the film. I mean, sure, he’s a cool guy, but if you were an adult in that film you know you’d hate that cocky little sh*t. In ErectionElection, he finally gets what’s coming to him.

But perhaps more than that, what’s great about this film is that it’s the kind that probably wouldn’t get made these days. Matthew…

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