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Make their inner light shine and they in turn will make your light shine.


Everyone Love Everyone


I am always trying to do good deeds:

I bought a girl her stuff at the dollar store.  She kept having to put stuff back, counting her change, it wasn’t for necessities either.  I didn’t judge her.  I had her get back her hat and everything she put back and I paid the balance for her.  I always try to smile, be happy and pay it forward.

I bought an elderly couple, potatoes, they told the lady they thought it was on sale and to put it back.  I told them to keep it on their bill and paid for it.

There was a child at Circle K that was buying candy and a soda.  I paid for it on my bill because I was first in line.  The smile on that child’s face priceless!

My children and I have given to many people on the corners.  Food, money, drinks, blankets, etc…

I have given to my neighbor who has four children and nothing in their pantry.  Their children were overjoyed.  She was beyond words.

I have paid for people’s orders at Starbucks which is far and few between for me.

I have so many stories of helping and I truly try to make a difference.  You never know what the cashier is going through. You never know what the people ahead of you have been through that day.  Kindness is contagious.  Giving makes me happy.  I don’t have two pennies to rub together for my family most of the time but even when I’m down to nothing I still pay it forward.  In all the instances above I had no extra money.  No gas in my van but I still gave my last pennies to help someone else out.  Somehow I get blessed back in life.  Just to see people happy makes me smile.  My children learn to help people as well and that is humbling.  We don’t judge.  We just help.  I have no right to judge anyone.  Just patience in itself.  You know you’re going to the post office, DMV, store, etc… there are lines we all know that.  Not every register is staffed anywhere that you go.  That really is the norm.  Stop complaining.  Seriously.  Manners.  Smile.  Talk.  Make time go faster without being a grumpy person.  So sick of hearing everyone complain in every line that you go to.  My parents never complained.  I never remember my mom and dad getting mad about lines anywhere!  God Bless all of you.  Put other people first and make a difference in the world.  Small things turn into huge things.  We actually need to take steps backward on certain things in life.  It really seems that the morality train derailed somewhere along the way in the last couple decades. We truly need to turn back time on certain things in the world.  The Brady’s really do have a great concept of life, a lot of good advice can be taken away from those oldies but goodies.  The world has just gone mad and we need to take society back. We seem to be consumed by the rat race of life anymore.  Family dinners matter, children matter, movie nights matter, board game nights matter, manners matter, your language matters, God matters, marriage matters, parents matter, brothers and sisters matter, the list goes on and on.  Wake up people and really make a dent in the world for the better. Sending love to all who love me!   If you need any kind of help reach out to myself and my husband.  We do care and we will respond back to you.  Any topic any help you need we got it.  Ignoring people is not our forte we try to answer everyone.  Mike and Liz at  Anytime we’re here.  You matter!  We’re all in this thing called life together.  Somehow we’re all connected.  It’s a small world.  Cliche but true.



One week


I waited 18 years for this


Are made of these


You have my word


I don’t know how to hang on


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