Second chance


Cries unheard


Sometimes you feel like


Always going to be


Daddy, why?!


Tim W Byrd


Just Bliss


Not doable to shun meeting, or have a gap

Even if I’m in slumber, do give me a tap

If helpless; Mom and dad hold you back

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Gentle breeze enhances entire ambiance

Just Bliss

Delusional Cover Photo

With sundown comes your remembrance
Gentle breeze enhances entire ambiance
My heart sinks and beats in thy remembrance
With sun’s setting, evening overcomes ambiance
When the daylight and the evening both embrace
The light wind is enchanted of flowers’ fragrance
The entire city is wrapped up in cavernous trance
My dreams my sleeping is all in your entrance
The windows’ light diffused away the radiance
My conversant was simply my aloneness
یاد آئی ہے تری شام ہوئی
باد لہرائی سر بام ہوئی
دل مرا ڈوبتا ہے رکتا ہے
دن ڈهلا اور ادهر شام ہوئی
وقت ملتے ہیں جب گلے دونوں
خوشبوئے گل صبا میں عام ہوئی
سوگیا شهر بہت دیر ہوئے
خواب میں نیند ترے نام ہوئی
روشنی کهڑکیوں میں ڈوب گئی
میری تنہائی ہمکلام ہوئی
انور زاہدی

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A flower dropped

Just Bliss


A flower dropped on floor then I dozed off

Someone whispered a modestly and I dozed off

Soft rhythmic sounds rattled within the clouds

With soft sounds a door opened then I dozed off

Trees jolted awfully by strong wind last night

Frightened too of rumbling sounds I dozed off

The dusty wind engulfed the entire township

Sensing place and direction of it, then I dozed off

While writing one of my new expressive poetry

Giggling on something amusing I then I dozed off

You were almost around; she was just your replica

I kept looking at her constantly then I dozed off

From the strange leaving to the amazing union

Recalling my old recollections I then dozed off

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The air was dull———

Just Bliss


The air was dull; with ambiance I didn’t share
Wind was dusty; with ambiance I didn’t share
Expected rainfall too willingly to pour down
Thus waited all life but didn’t bother to share
Hundreds of dreams were in eyes of alluring glory
Felt cool gentle wind on the way, but didn’t share
They   kept beautifying only the outside setting
The calamity that troubled home was not shared
The tragic instant passed as if without Almighty
Tolerated gloom but didn’t share with Almighty
In nights I shared what not with thou O’ moon
During the day I didn’t unveil anything O’ moon 

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