Writing in Real Time

I’ve made no secret that self-promotion isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Yes, I know that getting your name and work out there requires a certain level of interacting with your audience and that audience in turn generates a buzz for potential readers.

I still find it a chore.

However, I recently came to the realization that I wasn’t promoting my books. I was actually promoting myself and anyone who has ever worked in Sales will tell you, getting people to like you is an important first step in getting them to buy what you’re selling.

So, why does it feel kind of skeevy?

Because as Writers, we don’t generally look at our work in terms of dollars and cents. We put a lot of work and love into the stories that we publish and if we are true to ourselves and our craft, we don’t mind sharing our work…

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One thought on “The Other Side of Writing: Promoting

  1. So true! I am going through the same thing. Honestly I just feel like I am “winging” this whole marketing thing. Putting together a plot is one thing, marketing is quite another. Best of luck to you.

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