MEDS COCKTAIL PARTY SEPTEMBER 10th World Suicide Prevention Day

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2015

Source: World Suicide Prevention Day 2015

Day 324

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Feel like I don’t matter


Emotionally bad off


Someone please care!


You have to keep all the marbles you can…


Hatred in the United States

The Conflict Analysis Blog

I recently stumbled across a YouTube video that went viral on the internet from a Black activist Joe Evans, who is the former vice-chairman and executive director of the Jefferson County Republican Party, issuing a request to President Obama to denounce the “Black Lives Matter” movement because it incites rioting and more hatred. Instead, he believes the movement should be called the “All Lives Matter” movement. This would encompass all races and all genders of people, instead of singling out a particular race, which calls for more hate and more violence against those who are sworn to protect.

Being a conflict resolution practitioner, I firmly believe this makes the most sense. I have worn the uniform, and it is easy to play arm-chair quarter back unless you have been in their position. You have to make quick decisions, and these decisions have catastrophic consequences if you are wrong. Lets be…

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Well you have worked hard for it my dear, let’s get it on!


I agape you!