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Coming Home

Michael Wilson -Content Creator

Coming Home

Adelaide Airport Link Bridge

Home at last… its good to see you,how was your flight ?

Good Good

Thats Good !!!!

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Back in the Riverland

Michael Wilson -Content Creator

Bamera Tree Wacom Retouch

Quick trip to the Riverland, and another chance to Photograph Lake Bonney,

Lake Bonney is a freshwater lake located in the Riverland region of South Australia. The lake is fed and drained by the River Murray. The town of Barmera is located on its shores

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Nappers Ruins

Michael Wilson -Content Creator

Bamera Ruins Wacom Retouch

Napper’s Ruins

Riverland South Australia

Located on the north side of Lake Bonney, Napper’s Ruins once stood strong as a hotel built for former workers of Cobdogla Station. It was originally called Lake Bonney Hotel and consisted of 11 rooms that included a well stocked bar and an eating room that could cater for 12 people. The hotel is now nothing more than ruins and includes interpretive information around the site.
Information from http://www.southaustralia.com/info.aspx?id=9002329

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GI Bill


My wonderful husband!


I caught you not missing me, haha!