2 thoughts on “Taking a step back to normalcy!

  1. What about ‘Goes in tight?’ If someone sneezes, can I say that? God’s law or Mans? Can you be more pacific? I say: ‘If you’re old enough to drink, sex is inevitable!’ LOL! Being a man… OK! A repicate then…, I’d like to focus on: ‘Date Your Woman.’ I don’t see why the novalty should wear off so quickly, yet it usually does. I like Einstiens advice: ‘Let them stick around for 10 years. Then buy a new one!’ LOL! I graduated from Kindergarten with honors! Funny you should mention it, but my goal is to have a goal. I’d like to go to Church, but I’m already damned trying to sneak out of my bathroom :O(

    I really like these! Especially this one: ‘Enjoy The Outdoors’… If I stay in too long, my shadow begins to stink! Great blogging here, once again!

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