My sweet son Daveon gifted me this cup that is from the Christmas Vacation movie and I use it all the time! I always drink ice and water and I use this cup all the time and am so thankful for my sunshine aka Daveon.

Not only is it a great reminder of the holiday season, but it also holds a special meaning between us. Every time I take a sip from this cup, I am reminded of the warmth and love that fills my heart when I think of my son.

It’s so wonderful to have little reminders like this in our lives that bring a smile to our faces and make us feel grateful. As I sit here sipping my water, I am reminded of all the little things that make life sweet. From a simple cup to the love of family, it’s important to cherish the small things in life that bring us joy.

I encourage you all to take a moment today to think of something that makes you happy, whether it’s a favorite item, memory or loved one, and hold onto that feeling throughout the day. Life can be stressful and challenging at times, but it’s these precious moments that make it all worthwhile. So cheers to my Christmas Vacation cup, and to all the little things that make life sweet.

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