A Jeanne in the Kitchen

We had another full day of driving through Virginia, after stopping in Roanoke for the night, before heading into West Virginia, where our nephew’s wedding took place. We drove a different route this time, getting off the Blue Ridge Pathway, to see other sights and views of Virginia. It was all very green and lush and very beautiful.

Our first stop was yet another gorgeous waterfall.

Sadly, the history board was riddled with bullet holes. I just don’t understand why people feel the need to destroy things so much.

As expected, we saw many more beautiful things along the way into West Virginia, as well as more historic sites. As you all know, I LOVE history.

Apparently, there is a fairly large Amish community in Virginia as well. We did see some Amish people, though not many, but this sign was an indicator that they definitely have a large presence.

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