Canning in Half Gallon Jars

Preserving the Good Life

Rarely, if ever, do folks can in half gallon jars anymore.  But if you have a large family canning in this size jar will be handy.  This could be a touchy subject for some because the USDA hasn’t approved the canning times on anything other than Grape and Apple Juice because those are the most commonly canned products in half gallon jars.

I stumbled across this chart, verified some processing times based on what I have learned in past experiences and have kept this chart handy for future canning needs.  I have found the list below helpful; it saves a lot of time in calculating proper canning times.

The guidelines say that you add:
10 min to quart jar times for water bath canned acid foods
5 min to quart jar times for pressure canned acid foods
20% more time to quart jar times for non-acid pressure canned foods


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