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Today I only have a simply question for you. What is your creative writing process? What are your little quirks as a creative writer? What inspires you to write: poetry, lyrics, blogs, short stories, micro-fiction, fiction, non-fiction, etc.?

I’ll bulletproof mine below. It’s not detailed because that would take me a book. But it’s enough to share with you my part of my creative writing process. What’s yours? Let me know in the comment section. Have a blessed week, everyone!

  • Freewrite. I just let it flow without worrying about mistakes or loose words that won’t make it to the final copy.
  • Sometimes I listen to a particular genre to get in the mood of whatever I wish to write.
  • I always try to bring it back to a self-lesson or a positive outlook. (I know I shouldn’t always do this but oh well).
  • Anything or anyone can be my muse…

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