Wore her sweater

Okay, that’s such an attempt to put a clickbait-y title … but actually not really tho because it’s kind of what we’re going to discuss. Anyway, welcome to my second blog post! This one is going to be my first attempt on sharing some tips, knowledge, WISDOM, ZEN, CONVERSANCE! Hahaha, well nah, my writings are going to be a way for us to learn together, to get better on things together! So, welcome.

Henlo frens 👋🏽 how are you today?

My first post that falls into the category of productivity ✍🏽 is going to be more tailored for you who are still struggling to overcome all the distractions in the world, especially in a time like this where we’re surrounded by a lot of free time left and right, giving us chances to be ten times more productive, while yet instead, we’re consuming ten times more distractions than before.


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