Banter Republic

Communication. This generation simply refuses to communicate. Or maybe they can’t? It’s appalling. Communication to a relationship is like oxygen, without it, it dies. Two things can destroy a relationship, unrealistic expectations, and poor communication. Actually make that three things, lying on impulse is one of them. You’re only allowed to lie twice a year, after which you have to wait for a new year to renew. No relationship can last without proper communication. And you cannot be the only one communicating. Reminds me of the guy who faked being dumb to avoid talking to his wife for years. A king.

Loveless. That’s why it’s harder to find anybody now. Everybody is catching a cruise. For them, affection must involve PDA and you must be involved with the individual. Whatever happened to buying me a new car? (As friends though). Everybody has a heart of stone. Nobody acknowledges…

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