Banter Republic

Alot of times, we fail to give ourselves a pat on the back. That changes beginning now. I have been singlehandedly carrying a lot of my relationships on my back. The least you could do is offer some form of appreciation. When you’re hungry, who do you run to? Me! You were naked, I clothed you. You were depressed, I made you laugh. I gave your life meaning! It’s about time you gave me my flowers while I can smell them.Humans are ungrateful. Nobody ever thanked me for having the patience not to kill them.

I love myself. I’m proud to say that. Perfection is not something I can achieve. I embrace my flaws and weaknesses and love my emotions. Even when I feel too much. I don’t regret making the decisions I’ve made and I definitely don’t regret loving who I’ve loved. I know I am a handful…

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