Not All Who Wander Are Lost

If there would be another word for sore I would use that one instead but sore fits the most.

Two days after Christmas I started with the ‘a little obsessed’ workout from Beachbody and finished that in a 5-day manner which gave me the extra boost to keep going, keep doing what I am doing into and over the new year.  January 1st the better half and I started the year off with a nice 7k run by amazing weather, a feel-good mood all around and to start that Marathon life.
I got about 10 months to have that down without being out of shape, out of breath or anything else.

So the soreness from the first obsessed workout has worn off and these 30 minutes a day are definitely getting easier from here on out; I am able to feel it already. The run though, that is what did…

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