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Churches are facing legal threats if they open their buildings

Churches are facing legal threats if they open their buildings. Censorship of ideas is commonplace. Fewer Christians are worshipping together. Fear, confusion, division, and chaos threaten the stability of our society. The clarity of God’s word and the importance of prayer are essential in this unique season. Do not imagine your alignment with God is a small thing. He knows how to rescue the righteous! He is watching over us.
Posted by: Allen Jackson


The price has been paid for your peace. The price has been paid for your freedom. As a Christian, you can have assurance and peace despite everything that is going on around you. This peace transcends all understanding! Today, don’t let the price that Jesus paid for your peace go to waste. Tap into Him—in Him, you will find that peace you’ve been looking for. A peace so good that it just doesn’t make sense!
Prayer: Father, I need Your peace. I see everything that’s going on around me, and I need an assurance that only You can provide. So here I am, God. I need You. Fill my life with the peace that only You can give! In Jesus’ name, amen!

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