This morning’s News Digest comes from Facebook. The Guardian, a UK liberal-leaning broadsheet, has reported that despite the Bank of England’s new governor, Andrew Bailey, stating that the UK did better than expected economically during the pandemic, his analysis was in fact ‘faulty’. Guardian writer Phillip Inman, however, claims that the country is not really recovering after all – Britain isn’t ‘recovering’, whatever the Bank may suggest (The Guardian)

The government of Mauritius has been heavily criticised for its lack of action in quickly tackling the recent MV Wakashio disaster which saw an oil tanker run aground on coral reefs and spills thousands of litres of crude into pristine Indian Ocean waters, threatening the country’s unique ecosystems. Mauritian journalist Nad Sivaramen, who writes for French-language paper L’Express, voiced his disgust and criticism of the administration in an opinion piece and demanded answers to why the Wakashio made the journey…

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