The Desolation of Smog

Where The Battle Runs Thick

I’m not here to get into a debate over whether or not the sky is falling, how quickly it is falling, or whose houses it’s going to smash when it makes contact. I’m just looking to lay out a few basic principles for Christians who are interacting with this whole climate change issue.

Environmental Stewardship

Taking care of the environment is a Christian duty. Scripture indeed tells us that it is an integral part of our created purpose- to fill, rule over, cultivate and keep the earth. Environmentalism may be a wacky leftist tenet, but stewardship is an explicitly Biblical one. “Confessing to plants” is neither Biblical nor rational- and it’s both heartbreaking and hilarious- but taking care of the earth we’ve been given is not a duty to be laughed off. (Genesis 1)

Thus, we should give serious consideration to the health of the planet- or, at…

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