Book review Our Teenage Years Growing up in a small town in the 80’s

I just finished reading the book Our Teenage Years Growing up in a small town in the 80’s by T. J. Wray.

From the first page to the last page this book was a page-turner that couldn’t be put down until it was finished.

T.J. captivates your attention with stories from life and for me, they were extremely interesting and relatable as I have five boys of my own.

Just as the title suggests it is a compilation of life stories from his teenage years and young adulthood. It is a wonder how T.J. survived those years to have been able to put it all in a book. It’s a walk on the wild side in the ’80s.

There is so much sustenance in his stories that you get well fed and after each one there is a takeaway life lesson to be learned.

He takes you through his growing up which I will admit was a tear-jerker read. Heart wrenching moments that T.J. lived through. From the first job that he held doing a paper route and then upgrading and becoming big bank Hank. Stories about pocket knives and why every boy needs one at a young tender age in life. My husband always says he carries his in case he’s going to need it to eat cheesecake. T.J. was accident prone and had his fair share of hospital emergency room visits. That is an understatement! Axes, knives, accidents oh my! Stories about the Brown Beast, werewolves, weightlifting, having shrapnel stuck in his body to this day, a teenage pregnancy, his loves and losses, a burned down home, shoplifting, his grandpa’s life, suicide averted, deaths and regrets, child-rearing, life with the in-laws, motorcycle wrecked, bailing his mom out of jail, loving the life of a small town where everybody knew his name! Graduated rocking his shades!

T.J. is a very responsible young chap and seems like he has been that way his entire life! I give him major kudos for that! I know we grew up in different times than the kids now but to make it responsibly in life is a major plus factor in my book.

The ending of this book is also well written! He recommends a couple of books that I plan on picking up myself to read. He gives sound advice to find your purpose in life, be your Personal Legend and to follow your dreams! Don’t worry God will keep his eye on you. It’s our duty to pass on knowledge to our children. Don’t waste your life away being eaten alive by the ticking seconds in your home of lazyville. Do something! Accomplish something! Be something.

T.J. is an inspiration for sure and anyone lucky enough to read this book will see that for themselves.

Here is a link to Amazon where you can find and purchase T.J’s book:

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