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Pastor Greg Locke


Tiffany, MV Kids

I love working at MV because of the amazing support I have amongst my peers. If you need something; they’re there. Just the sense of community that’s here, I’ve never experienced this anywhere in my life before. My favorite part of working in Chapel is showing these kids that following/loving Jesus can be fun! It doesn’t have to be dull and boring, it can be fun and exciting. I also love that I’m helping build foundations for these kids’ walk with God.⠀
– Tiffany, MV Kids⠀
Tiffany, you always have a smile on your face and are willing to help out wherever you’re needed! You bring such a fun atmosphere for our MV Kids to learn about Jesus. We are thankful for you! 






Crossing Over







What a great way to end 2017!

What a great way to end 2017! In 2018 let’s choose to have faith that: 
1. Looks forward. 
2. Stands strong in the middle. 
3. Crosses over. 
4. Points back but doesn’t look back. 


If you missed this week’s sermon ‘Crossing Over’ catch it on our website at

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Meet The Staff Monday Mountain View Church

I love working at MV because I feel a part of something that is life changing! My favorite part of being in the Preteen Ministry is that I get to see God move in the next generation.⠀⠀
– Jen A, Preteen Director⠀⠀
Jen, you are such a hard worker and have a passion for helping students win! Thank you for sharing the love of Jesus with our MV students every week! We appreciate you! 







Memory verses

We are memorizing two verses of scripture each week this year! One verse from the Old Testament and one verse from the New Testament will be posted every Monday in 2018. Keep your eyes out and join us as we memorize God’s Word together. 



The best is yet to come!

We believe the best is yet to come! Why not us? Why not here? Why not now? Declare that you CAN change, you will succeed, and claim the promises of God! 

Mountain View Church 1.7.2018 Service