Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye


Happy New Year to you all!!!


Praise is a magnet for more

“Praise is a magnet for more.” Find time to give God praise for what He’s done & what He is going to do! What was your favorite part of Sundays sermon? Let us know below in the comments!  


The Movement at Mountain View Church

Tonight over 200 students get to come together & celebrate Jesus with their Christmas EXTRAVAGANZA! It will be a night of s’mores, Santa, fun games and a message that was written just for students about this Christmas season! We believe in raising up the next generation at MV & showing them the TRUE meaning of Christmas25348318_10155959625479704_196767639765217885_n




Baby Dedication Sunday!!!

Don’t forget, this Sunday is Baby Dedication Sunday!! Go to or visit the MV app to sign up, it’s not too late!  


Are you excited?!

Are you excited for it to be Sunday?? WE ARE! Come and worship with us tomorrow! What Celebration are you coming to? 


Thank you from Mountain View Church

What an amazing weekend of worship together! Thanks for joining us