So our little Noel was sick before the skin disorder had started.  He had fever and chills so badly.  Then after a week, he got better from that and this started.  Every day he is getting progressively worse.  There is new skin is peeling and blisters are forming, it seems to just be spreading.  We have been to the emergency room, children’s pediatrician, and now we are going to see a dermatologist.  Tonight he is hot and then he is cold and clammy but he is sleeping so that’s a plus.  I’m trying to take photo notes for myself on the progression this is making and hoping that a doctor can tell me what it is soon…


10 thoughts on “Our son Noel is sick :(

    1. I finally got answers from a dermatologist yesterday. I will post the diagnoses. One is blistering dactylitis and the other is bullous impetigo. It’s still getting worse it is starting on his knuckles now. I don’t know I’m just trying to monitor it and see how it progresses…


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