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16 thoughts on “Please forgive me I’ve been so

    1. Yes, indeed I have been. There is something going on with my six-year-old. His skin is like melting off of him. I’ve been to the emergency room, pediatricians, I have a referral to a dermatologist. The doctors are all disputing each others diagnosises and saying they shouldn’t have prescribed this and that. I don’t know how to get my little man better. I am trying hard and his skin is only getting worse and worse. Children’s Hospital doesn’t take our insurance. I feel like I am at my wit’s end and I just want to see him back to normal again. So yes my life has taken a turn for crazy…

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      1. Oh God Bless the little lad.
        I can understand how you feel. We’ve had that sort of experience in which every doctor has a different answer, or no answer at all. Then when you consult the internet all sort of information turns up and you get quite overwhelmed and just keep on keeping on to find some sort of answer.
        We have a grandson of your little lad’s age with his own medical problems, so we know how you feel.
        Sheila (my wife) and myself are sending you all our best wishes, hopes for a breakthrough and our prayers.
        All our love
        Roger & Sheila

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