Momentary Lapse Of Sanity

I wanted to share with all of you this kitchen hack that I learned by accident and I wish I would have learned this long ago.  

You will need these two items.  Bleach I use great value bleach not the Clorox and bar keepers friend.

download (2)and

download (1)I took some video of the pans I cleaned with it to show you how easy this is to do.  I use this on everything that requires scrubbing in the kitchen.  If they are really bad and caked on and burned, I do the hack I showed in my videos and I let it sit overnight and the next day I turn the water on and rinse and voila it’s like a magic scrubbing fairy, just magically done. 

Like I had stated earlier I didn’t soak these but for twenty minutes.  My children are due home any minute so I need to get dinner…

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