Let go

When you let go of individual survival all of your priorities change. You realize then all of the world’s suffering is a part of you too, when you lose you, you find your humanity. God shows us love, we chose to share or not to. Eradication of fear to the promise of love. Eradication of hunger, jealousy, anger, homelessness, violence, and all social injustice are truly and I realize this, never going to happen, but does that mean a few of us can’t keep trying are best to do so. Dreams only die when the thought dies, and since our minds are infinite, how can those dreams of beauty truly ever die. I know I’ll never change the greater consciousness of man, but I might still change the stars of a single individual. If it’s only one I change, does that make me a failure, I certainly hope not. Sorry I could ramble for days but my life is gone, I’m history, my heart beats for humanity. If I see you on the streets, you will see my life, judge my words and actions and know a new man is before you. Just see my efforts, not my being, I’m more than my external.

By:     Jeremy L. Nation 




Rust or Gold????

Rust or Gold????
You decide what you hold in your hands…
I choose beauty, I choose gold….
Every day, every single day…
I share my words, I bare my soul….
I choose love, I choose love…
Deep within…
Eternity lurks, eternity calls….
No time at all, time to waste…
Kiss her eyes…
Before they close….
Touch her lips….
Before she goes….
Search her heart….
Learn her laugh n spark her soul…
Chase her dreams, follow her roads and wait there….
Wait, just a little longer….
Then you see….
You chose love, you chose her, and time stands still….
Take a breath…
Nice n slow…
Pull her in, closer still…
Become one…
Heartbeat, heartbeat…
Opposites now complete…
Rust or gold….
I choose gold…

By:     Jeremy L. Nation 



Soul dictionary (metamorphosis)~~~~ former shadow in a world of light and a current sunbeam in a world of shadows.

By:     Jeremy L. Nation



Sandcastles forever

By: Jeremy L. Nation



The Universe responds so differently to Love…
Opening galaxies to those not afraid to fall…
Closing tomorrows for those to scared to try…

By: Jeremy L. Nation



Every time I look at your eyes…

By:     Jeremy L. Nation


When I see Beautiful


Beautiful, I’ve become