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Ben Carson

Posted by Dr. Ben & Candy Carson on Wednesday, November 9, 2016





Remember when…

Remember when you wanted to do everything to-get-her.  

Remember when you couldn’t live without her vicious kisses.  Kissed in the kitchen, on the toilet, outside, everywhere.  

Remember when you used to post those sweet nothings, I love you’s, and sappy pictures.

Remember when the I love you’s left you breathless.

Remember when we stayed up all day and night talking.

Remember when you made her contagiously laugh.

Remember when you couldn’t wait to make love to her.  

Remember when you held her tight every night ALL night.

Remember when we woke up my head on your chest still in your arms.

Remember when the thought of us being apart would break your heart.

Remember when you made her coffee and knew exactly how she wanted it.

Remember when we cooked in the kitchen together seamlessly like a ballet, movements like no other. 

Remember when you blogged to-get-her.

Remember when you shared your dreams.

Remember when you wanted to make her every dream come true.

Remember when you were so happy to be locked up with her 24/7. 

Remember when US meshed perfectly.

Remember when you lived to make her happy.

Remember when you would cherish her every want.

Remember when you put her first.

Remember when you did for her because you wanted to not because you were a slave to her.  What else do you need master?  We all know I’m your slave. 

Remember when we were in agreement on everything.

Remember when you cared if you made her heart weep.

Remember when you stood up for her.

Remember when you wanted her by your side always.

 Remember when you weren’t embarrassed by her.

Remember when you weren’t snide.

Remember when we fought you did everything in your power to make her feel more than.

Remember when she begged you not to go.

Remember her tears.

Remember her fears.

Remember that she hates to go to sleep mad.

Remember she hates laying back to back a couple feet apart.


Please remember

Remember her…