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The Deep End

Storm at Sea


We are nothing but vessels on the sea,
constantly praying that a storm isn’t brewing.
But one always is-
and once the winds call the clouds to attention
and the downpour begins,
there’s nowhere to go.

We are stuck
in the middle of an empty ocean
with nothing-
only our hopes and prayers to protect us.

We have only a small faith
that lightning won’t strike our masts,
that we wont capsize,
that this storm will end.
But it always does-
The clouds will subside,
the sun will arise,
and a new day will appear.

We may be shaken up,
and a little dizzy,
but we survive the storms-
only to appreciate the sunny days
even more.

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Eyes Like Yours




He wasn’t a boy,
He was forty years old
But they called him boy;
A habit born of old
Bigotries and behaviors
Difficult to defend
But that doesn’t mean
They came to an end

The shoeshine boy
Mostly shined the shoes
And if anyone listened, he had
Good advice they could use.
But most read their papers
On the busy city street
And paid no attention
To the wisdom by their feet.

The people read the news
And bitched about things
And gave their confusion
Talkative wings.
One day a guy asked
Why do people do
The horrendously crazy
Things they seem to do?

The shoeshine boy looked up
And gave the man a smile
And said a pithy sentence
After a decent while.
He said it often,
Sometimes audibly,
“Most people die
Of plain stupidity.”

The fellow thought this wise
And shared it with his friends
And that’s how…

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