Do you believe?

I went to the bank the other day and when the lady called us back her first name was the same as my mom’s.  I told her she was like wow.  It is Anica and Anissa different spellings same name.  I was getting papers notarized and the lady before me her name was Elizabeth.  Then she saw my address and asked where we lived and the swung her computer around showing us that she was house hunting in the same neighborhood we live in.  She has a lot of family in this neighborhood.  I told her about a foreclosure that was still available that she didn’t know about and she is asking her realtor to check on it.  The funnier thing is the kids of her family play with our children all the time.  Wow!  Crazy.  Wells Fargo was also the bank my  husband had a loan with on his vehicle. 


Angels At The Table

This book was an accidental find for me but they always say there are no accidents.  After reading this book it describes my relationship with my husband to the T, the only difference is that roles are reversed in this book.  The woman is the chef and the man is the writer.  Simply amazing how signs are everywhere if you are open to them.  The ending of the book is exactly what my husband and I have been discussing on what to do in life career wise.  This book only confirmed what we have been talking about. Meant to be.  I loved this book.  Simply an amazing read…

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