My biggest concern is using this phone at home. I just enabled WIFI calling which I was pleasantly surprised it has!!! When I get home and get a chance to make a test call then I will know without a doubt if this was a good pick for me.

I have spent about the last year detoxing from social media and learning how to live again in the moments of life that really matter. Not the moments where you are stuck scrolling up and down a phone screen. My mama laughed at me because I told her I was never on drugs but coming off social media was a process and I have concluded it is definitely an addiction.

Going back to the way life used to be much simpler.

These are the habits that I am getting addicted to. A quieter and simpler life. Back to basics.

So far I like this phone. It works perfectly where I am now. When I get home that will be the true test. I will post an update and let everyone know how the WIFI calling works or if it doesn’t.

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