No exaggeration I’ve probably been a customer of the dollar shave club for over 10 years. One day our shipments just seemed like they stopped. It also seemed like our account just vanished. I set up a new account and couldn’t find the razor we’d been getting. So I went through and ordered another style and just said whatever and moved on.

Well after we got the new razors and started using them my husband hated them. He said he was changing blades faster they didn’t last and it seemed like it just wasn’t working.

So I went online and canceled our next shipment and emailed customer service.

They emailed back and said they no longer were offering the executive razor we’d been using. I was pretty bummed out. Now I am at a loss and back to square one trying to find a razor for our family again. I’ve said goodbye to the dollar shave club and canceled our entire account, tear.

It was nice while it lasted and to be quite honest I never thought I’d see the day they discontinued our razor but here we are.

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