My son has been in the ICU and hospital for nine days. He’s home now. Toxic shock syndrome and a brown recluse spider bite. He had four blood transfusions, his liver and kidney failed, he went into tachycardia to many times to count, his highest heart rate was 215, low blood pressure, his bilirubins were through the roof and became jaundiced. It was quite the emotional roller coaster the last nine days. He’s on steroids now until August and they are hoping that the hemolysis doesn’t relapse after he stops his medicine. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever been through with one of my children. Ergo why I haven’t been posting at all. I never left his side at the hospital. Children’s Mercy was great to him. It does feel good to be home now. I was out of work all this time and that was the least of my worries.

To top off this week my husband’s brother died and our hot water heater died.

It really has been quite a ride this week.

Love to all who love me.

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